How to Find the Best Herbal Vaporizers

vape2When I first started to hear about herb vaporizers and reading different herbal vaporizer reviews, I found it very difficult to comprehend what and how vaporizers work.  It sounded like there was a whole different world out there that was speaking a totally different language.   But whatever they were talking about, I knew it was something cool and that I had to try a vaporizer.

I now get what all the hype is about and I created this blog to break it down to laymen terms.  Myself along with a couple of friends gather reviews from all different type of herbal vaporizer users to get their take on different vaporizers.

So check out the site as I will be updating it often when new vaporizers come on the market.  And remember, we’re here to help you understand this crazy world of vaping.

What Are Vaporizers?

A vaporizer is a device you put your herbs in and as the vaporizer heats up, the active ingredients become a vapor.  Vapor looks like a steam like how it looks on a boiling pot.portable vaporizer

Are Vaporizers Healthier?

The negative impact of cannabis comes from the inhalation methods that the common smoker exposes themselves to on a regular basis.  Igniting the herbs is an easy and consistent way of reaching the temperatures required to release the various toxins that give cannabis its potency.

Smoke inhalation delivers damaging carcinogens and a plethora of other damaging materials directly through the bronchial tree and into the lungs.  A vaporizer functions by heating the herbs to their boiling temperature.  Instead of the herbs burning and producing amounts of smoke, a vaporizer dehydrates the herbs and causes them to release their toxins without ever catching fire and ultimately mixing with chemicals in the air as the oxygen burns.  In simpler terms, this means that the vaporizer completely eliminates every last chemical that is directly associated with burning the herbs. So yes, vaporizers are definitely more healthier.  Check out this study that was done that proved that using vaporizers provides same level of THC but less toxins.

Why Use A Vaporizer vs Paper?

When herbs are burned, toxins are produced.  When using a vaporizer, you don’t inhale the smoke or the toxins, you’re inhaling vapor making it much healthier.  Also, you don’t have to worry about purchasing any paper or blunts.  Vaporizers come with electric chargers, so you’re saving money by not having to buy paper.  On the other hand, vaporizers are pricey so keep that  in mind.

vapeOther Benefits of Vaporizing Herbs

 The nasty byproducts of smoking are eliminated like ashtrays. Once you’re done vaping, you can just expose what’s left from the vape machine
– Teeth no longer become stained by all that hot smoke
– The scent associated with vaping is greatly reduced. The smell is not entirely eliminated with vaporizers, but it does not linger as long and it’s not as noticeably as smoke.  This is great for remaining incognito.
– Most vaporizers are built to last a long time.
– It is much more better financially.  The vaporizer preserves much of the THC content of cannabis, meaning there is more being delivered because of the nature of vaporization, so you are using less material.  Subtract the costs of paper and lighters, using vape is much more efficient.

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What Is The Best Vaporizer Under 100?

This is obviously a popular question and although I personally don’t own all vaporizers that exist, we will list as many options possible that will still be in high quality for the money.

Reviews for these would include Da Buddha, Magic Flight Launch Box, Atmos Bullet-to-Go, and more.

When I first learned about vaporizers, I first wanted to try something small to see if I liked the effect.  The first one I did try was the Atmos Bullet-to-Go.  This one is a pen vaporizer and I had mixed reactions with it.  I will get into that review deeply here.pax

What Are the Top 10 Vaporizers?

I think everyone has their opinion on what the best vaporizer on the market is.  I, along with other vape users will come up with a list, but I’m sure others will have input on how another vaporizer is better than one on my list…which is fine.  Everyone may be looking for something different and I haven’t had a perfect vaporizer.  But I love feedback and hope many of you other users can include your opinions as well.  

A few that we do consider the best are the Volcano Vaporizer, Pax by Ploom, The Firefly, Magic Flight Launchbox and the Silver Surfer Vaporizer.  I am working to get these reviews up for you so you can judge for yourself.

Where to Buy A Vaporizer?

There are many online stores you can buy vaporizers from.  One of my favorites is an online store named VapeWorld.  This store is a full authorized dealer and many times your order includes free shipping.  They also offer the lowest possible price allowed by the manufacturer and you also get full warranties if anything wrong were to happen to your vape.  Check out the store here.

Top Reviews

Below are some of the vape reviews you can check out now.  (Click Link or Image to read review page)

*New The Herbalizer    vapor quality


#1 The Davinci Ascent      da vinci

#2 Volcano Vaporizer      volcano

#3 The Pax By Ploom      Pax by Ploom - Cobalt Blue


#4 The Firefly 2                  firefly

#5 Magic Flight Launchbox   magic flight launchbox

#6 Arizer Solo               arizer solo

#7 Silver Surfer              SSV


#8 Da Buddha                    da buddha


#9 Vapir no2                       vapir No2


#10 Puffit Vaporizer      


Vaporizer infographic

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