Reviewing the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer

arizer extreme q

When talking about well-famed, reliable and sleek stationary vaporizers, the first vape that pops into most people’s minds is the reputable Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer. This Arizer vaporizer is probably the product that made Canadian vaporizers so famous all around the world and especially in the United States. Personally, I have seen this product promoted in Viena, Amsterdam or even Tokyo so I will do my best to give you a fair Extreme Q Vaporizer review.

Arizer Extreme Q Specs

Are you looking for a great vape that has a good price value? Arizer might be exactly what you need. Arizer Extreme Q is a very highly thought of vape. The Extreme Arizer Q 4.0 is the second type of vaporizer offered by Arizer Tech, a Canadian company. This model comes with huge improvements over the original model, the V-tower.

Extreme 4.0 comes with a few unique characteristics and specs which make it stand out of the crowd. This is a dual purpose vaporizer because it can be used both with a whip and a balloon. It looks pretty sleek on the outside and it’s very light. This vaporizer is normally used for “aromatherapy”. If you are an avid smoker who got tired of burning your lungs and throat, this modern device might be exactly what you need.


The design is quite nice. The tapered cylinder on a glowing plate is not something you see every day. Up front, the digital display shows you the actual temperature. You can use the buttons to set up the temperature or simply use the remote for this task.

The construction is sturdy and the device looks very well made. The casing of the Arizer Extreme q vaporizer is made of high quality stainless steel. Additionally, Arizer has made a series of improvements to this version. For instance, the circuitry is now in a “solid state”, which makes it more resistant to shock and less likely to malfunction. Moreover, the fast heating ceramic element makes this unit up to 77% less noisy than previous versions.

Another aspect I want to highlight about this vaporizer device is the outstanding vapor quality. You can use it either with the whip or with filling balloons. The latter option is quite amazing, as the vapor is allowed to fully cool down before inhalation. Best of all, the vapor is extremely smooth and tastes great.

In terms of temperature flexibility, this device does a really amazing job. The digital display is quite accurate, allowing you to set the desired temperature fast & easy. According to some reviewers, this unit performed amazingly great on both low and high temp settings. However, we recommend setting it at 210 degrees.balloon vape


This model comes with the several components:

– Remote Control

– Mini whip for balloons

– 2 balloons

– 3-foot long whip

– Potpourri dish

– 2 extra mouthpieces

– 2 cyclone bowls

– Extra screens

– Glass stirring tool

– Instruction manual

Top Benefits and Drawbacks 

Like any other device available today on the market, the Arizer Extreme vaporizer has both advantages and disadvantages. The users of this device have outlined the following advantages:

– Remote Control

This is an extraordinary feature, helping you to control the device from a distance. The remote control gives you full access to the vape. This feature is extremely useful for the lazy stoner or for guys who work double shifts. All they have to do is to sit comfortably in the bed or on the sofa and control the device wirelessly.

– Precision Temperature Control

Another amazing benefit that proves once again that Arizer makes only top-quality vaporizers. We all know that precision matters, especially when vaping. Extreme 4.0 operates with German precision, allowing you to see the exact temperature.

– Top-quality and Safe

This product is made of the highest quality glass parts. Why glass? Well, this material is inert and toxin free, maintaining your health and helping you enjoy vaping without being exposed to dangerous substances or chemicals.

– Efficient Bowl

The upright cyclone bowl stands in a vertical position, allowing the air to be distributed evenly inside it. Hence, the aroma is enhanced and the flavor is evened.

– Lifetime Warranty for the Heater

Because the heater is made of ceramic and not of metal, there is no need to worry about toxins or bad tastes. Moreover, the lifetime warranty gives you the security that no matter what, you will still be able to use this vape at its maximum capacity, even after 5 years of usage.

whip vape– Long Whip

The longer the whip, the cooler and smoother the flavor. The whip is made from medical grade tubing which lasts longer in time and protects you from external germs.

– Fun for Everybody

Due to the interchangeable glass mouthpieces, all of your friends can enjoy a top-notch vaping experience without spreading germs from one another.

– Auto Shut Off Feature

No need to worry if whether you’ve turned off the device. You can program the vaper to turn off after 2 or 4 hours.

– Multi-Purpose

This device is a steamer, essential oil diffuser, vaporizer, potpourri warmer and aromatherapy device, all in the same time.

– Portable

Convenience and portability are of paramount importance, especially in our fast-paced world we live in. You can move this device from one room to another hassle-free.

On the other hand, this device has some negative aspects as well.

– Filling up the balloon takes a very long time.

– Vulnerable to breaking because of the vast amount of glass involved in the design.

– No valve-system for the balloon. Hence, you might need to put your finger on the hole in order to keep the vape in.

Buying Advice 

If you want to buy the Arizer Extreme q vaporizer, you should capitalize on special offers and week-end deals. However, the best place to buy from is this website here. Take advantage of the special deals available on the website and don’t forget to get your free bonus grinder.

The Bottom Line 

Arizer Extreme q vaporizer is a sleek and professional vaporizer that comes at a great price. This option is cheaper than the Volcano Vaporizer, even if it pretty much has the same options. Whether you like to use balloons to inhale or you prefer the whip, the Arizer Extreme Q 4.0 is a Canadian-made product that certainly won’t disappoint you.  Click here to check it out.