Arizer Solo Vaporizer- Is It The Best Portable Vaporizer?

Whether you are trying to vaporize herbs, the idea of finding a
vaporizer that can be taken away anywhere, anytime would be really convenient. Don’t get arizer solome wrong…having a vaporizer at home like the Arizer Extreme Q can be a practical choice but there are certain moments when the need to vape somewhere incognito style.

This is where an Arizer Solo comes handy. Considered as one of the most highly coveted portable vaporizers, the Arizer Solo vape continually tops the headline when talking about a quality vaping device with a dash of style. To give you a quick runabout, here’s a comprehensive Arizer Solo Vaporizer review.

Features That Make The Arizer Solo Vaporizer Stand Out

I have been to the moon and back when it comes to vaping, and none can compare to the complete portability and convenience of a Solo Vaporizer. This hand-held device is so compact and lightweight in design that carrying them anywhere you go can be such a breeze.

Measuring at 4.5 inches by 1.75 inches in diameter, this is like simply holding an HTC Android phone on the palm of your hand. It has no cords or wire leaving you free from any sort of tangled mess. You can simply put it in a protective case, tuck it in your backpack or handbag, and use it where you want it. This is one way to add sizzle to a night in a pub out of town or a weekend getaway on a secluded destination.


When it comes to being discrete, the Solo Arizer Vape is a great choice. Some might think otherwise when comparing the Arizer Solo vs Pax, but having tried both,  the Solo does have a few advantages.  One is that I can easily turn-off the sound and enjoy vaping in silence. No vibrations. No distractions whatsoever.

You do not have to worry about it breaking, too. The Arizer Solo has a sleek yet rock-solid outer protective shell that virtually leaves the device scratch-free and shock-proof. Its ceramic heating element as well as the high quality material used on its glass stem also comes laudable.

If you care to look closely on the internal foundation, you can also see a solid “safety cushion” surrounding its ceramic diffuser to ensure superior durability and resistance from wear-and-tear. Take note that, overall, the Arizer Solo is done in glass rather than high-grade plastic.

arizer solo vapeBattery Use

It is powered with high quality Lithium-Ion battery that does not easily depletes in power even after two hours of use. This gives you the freedom to watch over sunset and letting your thoughts trail into absolute oblivion. In a way, it answers your longing for ultimate freedom from the contraptions of electricity, cords and all, even for the time being.

Another convenient feature of the Solo is its automatic shut-off setting. After 12 minutes of idle time, it automatically shut down on its own. All it takes is a slow press on the downward arrow to reactivate the device.

Of course, its LED temperature control system made it a class of its own. There are 7 different temperature levels for you to choose from, each with a corresponding warm-up time. From a 15-second warm-up time for a 50-deg Celsius temperature to a maximum of 2.5-minute warm-up for a 210-deg Celsius temp level, this is one of the fastest, if not the fastest, temperature control for a portable diffuser ever.

Now, the most important part — vapor quality. For two years now, the Arizer Solo Vape has been my brand of choice when thinking of vapor quality. Think about consistency and density on the vapor produced.

At lower temperature levels, the vapor produced is highly dense while in higher levels, it remains incredibly smooth and soothing to the senses. You can easily feel the crisp and natural flavor of your chosen herb regardless of the temperature level you prefer.

Negative Things to Watch Out For in a Solo

The Solo Vaporizer, though a perfect fit for my taste, has some drawbacks, too. You cannot charge and vape at the same time. However, the new edition promises a “pass-through” charging mechanism that allows you to vape and charge at the same time.

As for the old edition, it features a mechanism where you can easily check how much power is available on the device. This will give you enough precaution on whether you have enough vaping time. Just make sure to charge it before you go out to deter frustrations.

The fit of the glass to the connection chamber does not fit perfectly. It is quite unlike its home-use twin, the Arizer Extreme-Q, wherein everything fits smoothly and flawlessly. This one has a wobbly fit making it annoying at times. This also results to a good amount of draw resistance.

There is no doubt that the Solo Vape deliver the best quality vapor, however, it entails a little bit of patience as the heating chamber needs to be engaged for a full 15minutes. You might also need to do something about the after-smell when vaping.

The Verdict

If you love vaping anytime, anywhere like I do, an Arizer Solo Vaporizer is sort of a dream come true. Think about vapor quality and astounding craftsmanship complimented with portability and user-friendliness.

It can be easily bought online and delivered faster to your destination in a discreet manner. Amid some excusable drawbacks, the Solo is still considered as one of the highly regarded portable vaporizers across the globe by prolific vapers like me. When comparing Arizer vs. Pax and all other portable vaporizers, notable reviews from the vaping community across the globe points to the Solo as a likely choice over any other portable brand.

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Do you enjoy the Arizer Solo?