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There are so many options available to you when it comes to selecting the best vaporizer for you. Hopefully this Arizer Solo vs Pax comparison will help narrow down your options.

The Pax vaporizer from Ploom was one of the most anticipated units and up to now, it is one of the most popular vaporizers in the market, challenging established brands like the Arizer Solo. Not only were people very excited before its release, but the popularity of this vaporizer continues to rise.

However, the most common showdown is the Pax vs Arizer Solo brand. Let’s find out who take the upper hand. Is it the longstanding market leader or the newbie? The first step to choosing a good vaporizer is to determine the qualities and features you want in a unit.

What Matters Most in a Vaporizer?

For some people, it is portability, for others it’s the ease of use or discreetness. Since there is no quality that defines everybody’s choice, different people will be looking for different features in a vaporizer. Come up with a list of features that you would like in your vaporizer and then arrange them based on priority. Here are some things you should keep in mind when choosing between Pax and Arizer Solo vaporizers.

• Ease of Use • Vapor Quality • Manufacturing Quality • Portability • Discreetness • Battery Life • Price

Both the Arizer Solo and Pax are great vaporizers, but each has its own pros and cons. In this Pax vs Arizer review, we will take a look the differences between these two giants and help you make a smart decision.

Ease of Use

Both Pax and Arizer Solo are quite easy to use. The Pax comes with a simpler structure, but arizer solothis does not mean it is straightforward to use. When you need to fill your material/herbs, the Arizer is easier, and it is also simpler to maintain, which is a crucial consideration. The Pax from Ploom is smaller in size and has no attachable stem like the Arizer Solo and hence, it is easier to remove from your pocket. In addition, the Solo requires more time to heat up compared to the Pax.

Vapor Quality

The Arizer Solo beats almost all portable vaporizers hands down (including the Pax) when it comes to the quality of vapor. However, this does not mean that the Pax is a bad alternative but, the Arizer Solo takes the upper hand here.

Manufacturing Quality
The Solo is designed in Canada using some of the finest elements available out there. The heating unit is unique, providing a great vaporizing experience for amazing vapor quality. The external, sand-blasted, aluminum coat has a firm, strong feel while the glass components utilized are custom-made to ensure great vapor quality. The interior semi-conductors have an easy functionality.

Generally speaking, the simpler the structure of a component, the more dependable the system will be in the end. On the other hand, the Pax has enjoyed great complements for their design. It also comes with an anodized aluminum casing that gives it a stunning visual appeal. The Pax’s quality is evident in its great, compact design. And with instinctive tech like an integrated motion sensor, the Pax is certainly a winner when it comes to uniqueness.

purple paxPortability

The Pax is more portable than most other units in the market. It is small in size, and light in weight. The Arizer Solo is bigger and you need to detach the glass stem in order to carry it conveniently.


The Arizer Solo can fit well in one’s hand. It hardly shows when the stem is detached and you can use it while on the go. However, when using this vaporizer, the glass stem is obviously noticeable and although it is hardly visible from a few meters away, one of the major drawbacks of the solo is the lack of discreetness. The Pax takes the upper hand again and hence, if discreetness is your number one requirement when searching for a vaporizer, then the Pax is one of the best options for you.

Battery Life

Although the Pax has a decent battery life, the Arizer Solo is a clear winner when it comes to this category. This is expected considering the difference in size. The Pax battery lasts for approximately two hours while the Solo takes up to three hours. Keep in mind that you cannot use the Solo while it’s charging, but you can achieve this by using an AC adapter.


The Solo costs $229 while the Pax retails at $249.99. Both are great quality vaporizers and are certainly worth considering despite their price tags. All these prices include free shipping and you can take advantage of coupons to help reduce the costs further so you can start enjoying your vape without breaking the bank.

Final Verdict

So, who wins this Pax vs Arizer contest? In general, both the Solo and Pax are excellent portable vaporizers, worth their price tags. It is important to note that these portables are designed for people with different needs so choose your unit based on your individuals needs.

After reading this Arizer vs Pax comparison guide, it is time to make your purchase decision. While there are some cheaper options out there, it is highly advisable to invest in a more reliable unit. These cheaper units are often designed using debatable components and normally do not have a reasonable warranty. You can get quality units from this store here and at a good price.

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