Is Da Buddha Vaporizer A Satisfying Vape?

da buddha

More and more people are coming to realize the huge advantages of vaping. This alternative to smoking comes with some amazing benefits, such as no more cigarette burns, no nasty smell, whiter teeth and no more worrying about offending those around you. Also, vaping can be practiced everywhere. You can even vape while watching TV or while playing computer games. Due to all these benefits, an increasing number of companies have started to design vaping devices or vaporizers. One of the most famous is the Da Buddha vaporizer.

What is the Buddha Vaporizer? 

The Da Buddha Vaporizer is a product made by the 7th Floor Company based in Colorado Springs. Unlike most other traditional vaporizers, this model does not require holding the whip in place, as it comes with heater ground glass fittings and ground glass wands in order to offer you a hands-free experience. The company has added additional ceramic heating elements to allow for a quicker heating and help you save precious time. I just want to outline that these ceramic elements are usually used in extremely expensive Silver Surfer vaporizers. Hence, Da Buddha vs Silver Surfer comparison is certainly won by the former.

The Buddha Vaporizer comes with a groundbreaking internal regulation system specially designed to maintain the standard vaporizing temperature inside the unit. This regulation system can be adjusted according to your preferences by turning the small aluminum knob located at the front side. However, this Buddha vape does not come with a digital display, so you might need to adjust the temperature manually.

Design and Construction

The Da Buddha Vaporizer comes in two colors: aluminum silver and anodized black. Both of aluminomthem look equally attractive. The black one is suitable for black and white designs, while the silver model can complement a wide variety of interior room designs and appliances.

In order to offer a flawless hands-free experience, 7th Floor placed an inverted ground glass right at the bottom of the vaporizer. Back in the inception days of vaporizers, users were required to hold the device in their hands when using it. Now, due to the technological advancements, the Da Buddha Vaporizer allows you to use it while doing something else. This is a huge advantage, especially for busy people who want to do something else while vaping.

In order to better cool the vapor before it hits your mouth, this device is equipped with a small hole placed in the heater cover which allows cold air to come in and even the vapor’s temperature, creating a more enjoyable experience. The stainless steel screens are easy to clean and to replace, making them just perfect for this type of vaping device.


Whether you choose the black or the silver version of this device, you are provided withda buddha accessoriesseveral accessories. Here are the Buddha accessories listed:

– Glass mouthpiece

– 3 Replacement screens

– Hemp Bag

– 3/8 whip

– Hands-free wand

– Custom Glass Stir Tool

Easy Cleaning

What’s quite amazing about the Da Buddha Vape is the ease of cleaning. All you need to do is to separate the mouthpiece from the wand, take out the stainless steel screen and cover the wand with a paper towel. Next on, start blowing through the wand until all residues from walls is gone.

You can use another technique to easily clean the whip. Use a dish washer to clean the soak. However, remember not to use any harsh detergents and ensure the dish washer is on a low cycle.

Pros and Cons

As any other products on the market, Da Budha Vaporizer has its own advantages and drawbacks. We will start outlining its negative aspects. In fact, there is only one drawback about this product. Some customers outlined that when the aroma is in the vaporizer, the element is getting hotter extremely fast, so you might end up burning your herb. However, this small negative aspect is insignificant when compared to its positive aspects:

Extremely Easy to Setup: simply plug the 10 foot long cord in, set it accordingly and wait at least 3 minutes to heat up. Prep the herbs, put the wand into the heat cover and start inhaling through the other end of the tube.

vapeNice Smell: this vaporizer has a light odor, similarly to that of the Volcano.

Get High Easily: most consumers have said that this vaporizer gets them high extremely fast, for a longer period of time. The efficiency is also something worth mentioning.

Buying Tips

In order to save money when purchasing this product, you should keep your eyes open and look for special offers from different retailers. The best thing to do that is by searching online, as you will find a plethora of websites and offers for your pocket. From this point on, comparing prices becomes as easy as pie. You can also read Da Buddha reviews in order to discover who sells the cheapest product around.

One of the best places to buy Da Buddha includes a savings up to 30% and free shipping.  You can check out this online store by clicking here.

Final Words 

The Da Buddha Vaporizer is certainly an attractive vape that comes at a very good price and has several advantageous features. For under $200 there are plenty of vaporizer buying options, but none of them is as well designed, easy to use and reliable as the Da Buddha. With this device, enjoying your herbs becomes a true pleasure and an everyday task.  Click here to check it out.