Da Vinci Ascent Vaporizer- Is It Better than The Pax?

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Looking for a portable vaporizer?  Well let me introduce you to the Da Vinci Ascent vaporizer.  More and more regular people just like you and me are coming to realize the huge advantages of vaping while on the da vinci ascent

Over the last few years, the number of portable vaporizers has grown exponentially, as an increasing number of people are becoming confident to vaporize anywhere. Today, an authentic and top-quality vaporizing experience translates with being able to have the same top-notch experience and features of table-top vaporizers, even if you are on the go.  We will discuss the new Da Vinci Ascent.

Da Vinci Ascent – What is it?

One of the best portable vaporizer ever made is considered to be the well-famed Da Vinci Ascent. This model is a discrete vaporizer equally capable of handling loose leaf plant matter and concentrates. The Da Vinci Ascent stands out of the crowd due to this unique feature of being able to handle both concentrate and loose-leaf. Most vapes out there can only handle one or the other. In the Davinci vs Pax fight, this model certainly has a lead.

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Distinct Features

The manufacturer of this modern vaporizer prides with innovation, style and purity. Many customers have found this to be true. First of all, when you open the package, you notice the amazing style and innovation of the Ascent brand. Take a look at the following picture to see what I’m talking about:

da vinciThe next distinct feature you can notice of this Da Vinci vaporizer after you take it out of the box is its weight. For its class of vaporizers, it is quite heavy. This means that you will never forget it in your pocket. This might be a drawback for some people who love light things. Most of its weight comes from the bottom side where the heating element and the glass lined ceramic chamber are located.

The design is also extremely appealing. On the front you can’t but notice the OLED display that displays the current temperature that can range from 38 up to 430 Fahrenheit.

You will also notice the temp controls and the menu buttons. The glass stained vapor pathway is innovative and extremely beneficial, as it better preserves the vapor’s original flavor. Each component is perfectly placed in order to maximize the effects of this vaporizer.

Another distinct feature of the DaVinci Ascent vaporizer is the one button operation. You can control the whole procedure with only one button. Of course, the “-“ and “+” buttons can be used to adjust the temperature and to explore additional settings.

You can also use the auto shutdown feature and adjust the temperature time-frames. In other words, you can choose to start with a standard temperature of 360 for example and then step up to 380 after a couple of minutes and then 390 after another 5 minutes. After the cycle is complete, the heating element turns off automatically and the device shuts down once it is cool enough.

However, what really makes the DaVinci Ascent so unique is its glass vaporizing system. Heat is being passed over pure glass, so you will be able to enjoy thick and tasty vapor in a matter of minutes. The experience is improved even more due to the new vaporizing system featuring a glass-linen heating chamber. This feature keeps a stable temperature while you’re vaping, so you will be able to enjoy a flawless taste without worrying of smoke emissions or other potential issues we find at other vaporizers.


This product is made by a company that understands the true meaning of value. The price is higher than the normal price of vaporizer. However, you pay for extra accessories, including the charger, ascent vaporizer, carrying pouch, 2 stirring tools, 2 oil canisters for concentrates, 2 optional mouthpieces and 2 glass screen stems.

You can also choose between the two adapters: the straight GonG adapter and the u-shaped GonG adapter.

Top Benefits

The Ascent by DaVinci has a wide variety of features that make it much more attractive and powerful than the Pax. Also the Da Vinci Ascent has several benefits that make it outshine many other portable vaporizers out there which includes:

Long Lasting Battery: it can last about 4 hours of continuous vaping.

Ability to Accommodate Both Oil and Dry Herbs.

Adjustable Temperature.

Temperature “Stepping”: this is a huge benefit as it gives you absolute control over the vaping process and lets you personalize the device as you wish.

Can be Used While Charging.


Buying Tips

If you want to buy the DaVinci Ascent, it is wise to look for special deals and coupons. I usually get all of my vapes from this store here because of the warranty and great customer service.  You also get a free grinder with free shipping.

Da Vinci Ascent is the real deal, so don’t hesitate to capitalize on the benefits offered by this groundbreaking portable vaporizer.

Reminder: Receive a replacement glass set, (2) oil jars, & wall charger,  Straight Water Tool Adapter, and FREE SHIPPING.    *NEW LIMITED EDITION BUNDLES AVAIL NOW-Receive free gift bundle with over $50 in FREEBIES