Davinci Ascent vs Pax

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 da vinci VS pax by ploom

Da Vinci Ascent                                  Pax By Ploom

Davinci Ascent vs Pax is the battle of the century for most herb smokers out there. Both the Pax by Ploom and Da Vinci Ascent are fantastic vaporizers with almost a flawless rating online. While the most anticipated portable vaporizer release in 2012 was the Pax, the most anticipated release in the following year was the Da Vinci Ascent.

While many people consider that davinci vs pax is not a fair fight because the former is way more advanced, objective reviewers will testify that both of these portable vapes have their own pros and cons. Hence, the final decision of whether the Pax or the Ascent is better belongs to each individual.

If you are looking for a genuine Pax vs Ascent review, you have landed on the right page. Here’s a comparison of these new premium portable vapes that have greatly improved the way we vape and transformed our society into a happier one (stoners will certainly agree with that).

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Pax vs Davinci Ascent – Design 

Both the DaVinci and the Pax feature a sleek and modern design, being small enough to fit in purple paxyour jacket or jeans pocket. While the Pax is 10.5 cm tall and 3.5 cm wide, the Ascent is 11 cm long and 6 cm wide. A huge difference between these two is their weight – 95 grams the Pax and 200 grams the Ascent. The latter is a lot heavier due to the two large batteries inside. However, everything comes at a cost. The Pax is not able to last so much as its counterpart because the batteries are smaller.

When talking about the design, we need to see what customers have to say. Usually, people were more satisfied by the Pax, even if the battery life was greatly reduced due to its small size. The only drawback of both of these portable devices is that their life is limited by batteries, which means you have to carry your charger with you if you are planning to use them for more than 1.5 hours (for Pax) and 2 hours (for the Ascent).

Vapor Quality 

In the Ascent vaporizer vs Pax vapor quality battle, the Ascent has a lead. While the Pax features a typical conduction heating method, the Ascent uses convection. Herb connoisseurs and marijuana patients will find this feature incredibly useful, as the vapor has the purest flavor possible. Ascent’s digital temp settings lets you control the density and flavor, leading to a flawless experience personalized according to your own tastes. If you haven’t tried the Da Vinci Ascent’s vapor, you will certainly be blown away.

On the other hand, the Pax features a decent vapor quality. However, the tragic flaw of this device is its mouthpiece mechanism which gets worn out with ease after extensive use. When it comes to the vapor quality, every single stoner out there has to face the reality – the Ascent is better than the Pax.

Manufacturing Quality 

Another important criterion we have to take into consideration when comparing Pax vs Ascent is the manufacturing quality. First off, the Pax features an exquisite design due to its anodized aluminum casing, coming with a 10 year warranty. However, it does have some flaws. The mouthpiece has to be cleaned once every 2-3 uses, otherwise it will stick to the device and stop working properly. In addition, many stoners who have tried the Pax declared that the seal on the oven lid leaks regularly. Because this device is so small, the battery is very close to the heating element, which means the battery life drops at a quick pace.

On the other hand, the Ascent can boast with an elegant design (in my humble opinion it looks much better than the Pax), featuring a well-designed glass air-path and a swiveling heating chamber. The company invested very much into the design, so all the materials used are top-quality. However, it takes up to four hours to charge the batteries, which might be too much for some of you who are vaping on a regular basis.

Temperature Settings 

When talking about temp settings, it is important to mention that Pax has 3 standard temperature settings, while the Ascent allows you to set your own desired temperature. In other words, with the Ascent you have the option to personalize your experience, especially if you are a connoisseur. The Pax is a better option for first-time users, because it helps them enjoy their new hobby without spending too much time trying to figure out how setting up temperature works.

Ascent vs Pax – Which One is More Discreet? 

This is a very important criterion which is certainly not overlooked by modern customers. Everybody wants the device they buy to be as smaller as possible. Take for instance laptops or cameras. The smaller a gadget it, the easier is to carry it around. The Pax is very sleek and tiny, being able to easily fit in your pocket. On the other hand, the Ascent looks like a larger smartphone, which means hiding it is not such as easy task. Both the devices are known to have vapor or odor leaks through the fitting lid at the bottom, so make sure you put it safe after using it. If you are afraid of what others might have to say and your first criterion in a vaporizer purchase is discretion, you should definitely go with the Pax.

Ease of Use 

In the Pax vs Ascent showdown, none of them has a lead when it comes to ease of use. Both of them are very easy to use and to maintain. However, the Pax needs to be cleaned more often.

Buying Tips 

Both of these devices are extremely useful for a stoner who loves to vape while on the go. While the Ascent is extremely stylish and uses more battery to offer the best possible experience, the Pax is smaller and can easily fit in any pocket.

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