H. Aire H2.2 Vaporizer – A Truly Exceptional Device

H. Aire

For most people I know, their favorite method to enjoy herbs and tobacco is combustion. Unlike most of my friends who are avid herb users, I prefer a much cleaner alternative. After conducting a throughout investigation, I came across a great vaporizer that is probably the best when it comes to safety and reliability. Moreover, this is the only vaporizer that offers a “tri-function” service. You can vape using either a balloon, a whip or draw directly from it.

H Aire 2.2 Vaporizer – A Unique Device

The Herbal Aire H 2.2 is a scientific grade vaporizer manufactured in Canada by a top company. In addition to being extremely affordable, this device provides tri-functionality to all users – allowing for hands-free use (whip), direct inhale use and rich bag fill system.

Eighteen tiny jets of heated air come true the bag or through the whip, leading to an astounding vaping experience. This product comes with “essence on demand”, which means that the aromatherapy feature is quite advanced. The essence is blended before the user draws it, being stored in a safe container. This is probably the secret behind the rich and flavor vapor produced by the H. Aire h2.2 vaporizer.

This is quite an interesting vape, one that is unique and stands out of the crowd. What’s really unique about the h aire h2.2 vaporizer is that you will never have to grind your material before packing it in the herb chamber. Basically, all you need to do is to pack it down inside the tube until it creates a solid block for the heat to pass through. This is also called an “espresso mode”.

Herbal Elite or H. Aire H2.2 ?

The manufacturer of this device, Herbal Aire, have also produced a device that has an LCD, called Herbal Elite. However, I prefer the simplicity and ease of use of the H Aire H2.2 to the features and additions of the Herbal Elite. Speaking bluntly, there are fewer things that can go wrong with a simpler electronic device.

With the younger generation seeking to enjoy herbs in a natural and healthier way, the H. Aire vaporizer is definitely a great alternative to modern vaporizers available on the market. Teens and adults who are looking for a natural vaporizer without breaking their budget can order this vape at less than $200 at Vapeworld.com.

 Out of the Box

After you order the H. Aire h2.2 vaporizer and you get it, you can find all the accessories listed below:

– The actual device

– 2 extensions

– Main mouthpiece

– Tubing with connector

– Upgraded pump

– Whip

– Removable crucible

– 2 extra mouthpieces

– 4 balloon bags

The main device is constructed using high tech, durable materials that produce no taste or smell whatsoever. Thanks to the technology used, the air is completely isolated from the heating element. Additionally, the air flows through the safest material possible – Teflon. This type of conductor is a revolutionary material used mainly in the food industry, in cookware. So far, it is the best material at preserving the aroma of food or, in our case, the aroma of the herbalizer.

The exterior of the device is made of glass filed nylon. In addition to encompassing the device in a protective shield, this material preserves the aroma and increases the lifespan of the H. Aire h2.2 vaporizer.

Superior Temperature Control

When using this device, you can set the temperature anywhere from 250F to 400F. Thanks to this personalization feature, you are the one who controls how optimal the temperature is. Because of the learning temperature control, the actual temperature can also adapt automatically to the environment and to the climate where the device is used.

How Does it Work?

Now that you know some of the reasons why this device is the best around, let’s look at how you can maximize its benefits. You have three options to use the h2.2 vaporizer. First of all, you need to fill the bowl. Surprisingly, “the crucible”, as it is called by most herb users, holds up to 2 grams of materials, which is twice the average capacity of most other vaporizers. Because of this, the h. Aire h2.2 vaporizer is a much better choice for large groups.

Loading the bowl is as easy as pie. Simply put the material in the bowl without grinding it. This procedure is the exact opposite of any other vaporization procedure used so far. In all other cases, the material has to be grinded to get optimal results. For the H. Aire h2.2 vaporizer, you must NOT grind it.

Now, the vapor you get using this technique promoted by Herbal Aire is phenomenal. According to the experts, this vapor is one of the purest and most potent. The way the whole process goes is quite simple. Just load the crucible with your favorite choice of herb, pop in the mouthpiece and connect either the whip or the balloon. You can also take draws directly from the unit if you choose to.

After trying all three methods, I came to the conclusion that the direct draw method is the most effective one. Even though it is more irritating than the bag or whip in the beginning, it offers more vapor and it is less burdensome than bags (you don’t have to carry one extra large item with you).

Buying Tips

If you want to choose the H. Aire h2.2 vaporizer, probably the safest place online would be Vape World. You can find the device at http://www.vapeworld.com/h-aire-tri-function-vaporizer. There are several other places you can choose, but none of them offers a free bonus gift for each vaporizer purchase, free shipping in North America and top-notch data securization.

Best of all, when you order the H Aire vaporizer, you get 3 years of extended warranty. This warranty refers only to defects in operation, material and workmanship. However, not that the warranty becomes void if you use this product abusively or use it for any other purposes not listed in the user’s manual.

All in all, the H. Aire h2.2 vaporizer is a great device that has an almost perfect rating online and very few negative aspects. Probably the only two drawbacks of this device is that size of the bags and the unique smell of the device. However, the negative aspects are overshadowed by the positive aspects: affordability, extended warranty, vapor quality, temp personalization, durability and versatility.