Experience Magic with the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer!

magic flight launchbox

It is time to finally experience magic – the Magic Flight Box vaporizer has arrived. Beautifully crafted and intuitively designed, the mflb is considered by most vapors out there one of the best devices available that allows them to feel the “highness” extremely fast. Even if this battery-powered portable vaporizer looks somewhat more like a term project for a high school physics class, it is widely accepted among herb smokers who enjoy the reliability and usability of an affordable travel vape.

The Magic Flight Launch Box is undoubtedly the single most famous vaporizer among young people. Its simple but effective design draws many young connoisseurs to this product. In this Magic Flight Box review, we will try to present both its positive and negative aspects, together with some tips on how to get the best price for the Launchbox.

Vapor Quality

You might not think of anything in terms of vapor quality, especially as the magic flight box vaporizer is such a small unit. However, don’t let its size fool you. This unit produces some decent vapor, as the vaporization window is somewhere between 6 and 11 seconds. If you hold the battery more than 11 seconds, the vapor becomes might got a bit harsh to inhale, as the unit might burn your botanical. Overall, this product produces decent vapor for a portable vaporizer.

Temperature Flexibility

When it comes to temp settings, the magic flight box vaporizer has only one heat setting. Unfortunately, this setting is not so consistent, nor accurate. Many users have experienced either too cold or too hot vapor. According to most people who have tried this device, the heating mechanism definitely needs some extra work. If you enjoy to experience with various temp settings, you should probably stay away from the magic flight launch box.

Design and Manufacturing

This item is a small fancy wooden box that features a very simplistic heating mechanism. vaporizorThe acrylic glass lid combined with its crystalline pattern (you get to choose from tree of life, star knot, labyrinth, flower of life and metatron’s cube) make one good-looking device, allowing you to actually see the botanicals during the vaping process. The manufacturing quality is better than at other similar vapers. The magic flight box vaporizer will more than likely last more than a couple of years of continuous use.


An extremely positive aspect of this vaporizer is its discreetness. This portable device is slightly bigger than a matchbox. Even more amazing, the drawing stem is optional, so you can draw directly from the unit. Of course, if you attach the battery and the drawing stem, most of this discreetness goes away.

Value for the Money

No other vaporizing device on the market can beat the magic flight launch box when it comes to affordability and value for money. You can usually find magic flight launch box sale at around $119 (you can pay up to $250 if you buy all the additions). On comparison, the Puffit, Pax by Ploom or Da Vinci cost anywhere from $200 up to $350 ($500 or more with all extras and additions). Judging by its price, you might think that the mflb does not stand a chance against these top vaporizers. However, this is far from the truth. With this small device you can get high faster than with any other vaporizer on the market. Moreover, it comes with an astounding life lifetime warranty, which means whatever happens your investment is secured.

How to Use It

All you need to do in order to start vaping and enjoy the tremendous benefits of this device is to fill up the trench area halfway, using mainly quality herbs which are finely ground up. Then insert one of the batteries and begin inhaling after 5 seconds. You can use the device with or without the mouthpiece.


This vape has plenty of amazing benefits. Some of the most obvious are:

Can be Used Anywhere: the magic flight box vaporizer can be successfully used anywhere, regardless of weather conditions. You can get perfect hits even while it’s raining or snowing.

Extremely Effective: this device is affordable from two points of view: it is quite cheap and it uses less herb than other vaporizers. You can save money both on the upfront cost and in the long run. Due to its effectiveness, feeling the effects is not a matter of if, but a matter of when (seconds or minutes).

Small and Portable: you can carry it anywhere, because it can easily fit into your pocket. You can take it anywhere, anytime. The magic flight box vaporizer has been brilliantly engineered, being designed to be extremely durable and usable. The device creates absolutely no sound when used, so you can use it in “stealth” mode. No butane, no searching for lost lighters, no ashy mess or harmful & toxic smoke. You are free from all that with the magic flight launch box.


According to many magic flight launch box reviews, this product has also some negative aspects. Some of them are:

Not Ideal for Large Groups: if you want to get high together with your friends, you will not be able to do that by using this device. You either need more devices or another vaper. The launch box is only intended for personal use.

Dries your Lips: many users reported that when they are using this device several times a day they end up having dry lips.

Has to be Cleaned Regularly: you need to clean this product once in a while because of build-up. However, cleaning it is not such a daunting task.

No Temperature Flexibility at All: you have only one standard temp setting. I will reiterate myself – if you like to experience with various temp settings, you should probably stay away from the magic flight launch box.

Buying Tips

You can purchase the magic flight box vaporizer online at very good prices. After conducting a thorough research, we have discovered a website that we think it’s the most reliable out there – check it out here. You can find the magic flight launch box at a standard price of $119. If you order from this website, you will get a free gift, free shipping to North America and extras. With a review of 4.6 out of 5 stars, the magic box is definitely magic!