Pax vs MFLB – Which One is Better?

Connoisseurs know that Pax by Ploom and Magic Flight Launch Box (MFLB) are two of the most prominent vaporizers available on the market. If you are wondering which one is better – pax vaporizer or magic flight – you have come to the right place. Here we will debate about pax vs magic flight, outlining their features, pros, cons and reviews. First of all, let’s start by reviewing the Magic Flight Launch Box.

Experience Magic with the New MFLB

magic flight launchboxMFLB has enabled thousands of smokers from all over the world to experience the magic of portable vaping. Intuitively designed and beautifully crafted, the Magic Flight vaporizer allows you to get high extremely fast. Even though its unique design makes it look more like a term project for a high school physics class than a modern gadget, this device is widely accepted among herb smokers due to its capabilities and features.

When it comes to vapor quality, the MFLB produces decent vapor quality. On the other hand, this device has only one heat setting, which makes it less accurate than the Pax or other portable vapes. According to most stoners who have tried this device, the heating mechanism is far from being perfect. Hence, if you enjoy to experience with temp setting and you are keen on personalizing your vaping experience, you might probably want to stand away from this device.

What really makes the Magic Flight Box stand out of the crowd is its unique design and discreetness. This fancy wooden box features an acrylic glass lid that can be customized according to your own tastes. You get to choose from different patterns, including flower of life, tree of life, labyrinth, star knot and metatron’s cube.

Even though this device is much cheaper than the Pax or the Volcano, it offers a vapor and flavor that is comparable to many high priced models. It works well in every weather condition (including wind), heats up almost instantaneously and turns on extremely quick. Here are some other benefits of this vaporizer:

– Inexpensive: if you’re on a budget, you will definitely love the price of the MFLB.

– Compact design: at only 2.5 x 1.25 x 0.9 inches, this handcrafted wood box fits in your pocket with ease. This device is twice the size of many smartphones.

– Safe: there is virtually no combustible by-products and no glass parts, which means you are safe from accidents and you won’t experience any unpleasant odor.

– Extremely easy to use: you can start using this device in a matter of seconds, as it heats up in less than 8 seconds and can be used right after it powers up.

Pax by Ploom – The Jewel of the Crownpurple pax

Pax by Ploom is considered by many stoners the jewel of the crown. At the moment, it is the #1 rated vaporizing device in the United States. Everybody raves about how great Pax by Ploom is, and for good reason – its simple design and high quality taste are simply astounding.

The Pax is a very potent vaporizer, being considered one of the top portable devices available today. When it comes to density of hits, Pax has definitely got an edge over its competition. The Pax allows for a simple vaporization without the distraction of additional features.

The coolest thing about this device is the ease to carry it around and to use. Everything you need to do in order to use this device is user friendly and super easy. As far as efficiency goes, the Pax gives you outstanding results with less than 0.2 grams of herbs packed in the chamber. You can get around 10 draws out of it. The Pax is definitely in a league of its own, also known as the “Bentley of Vapes”.

Some of the things that make Pax stand out of the crowd and win the pax vaporizer vs MFLB battle are:

– No burned tobacco: this device does a great job at heating the tobacco without burning it. You can therefore enjoy pure vapor without any smoke or odor.

– Several features in a limited space: due to its compact design, the manufacturer was constrained to amass several features into its limited space. There is only one LED indicator that shows charge status and temp settings.

– High quality materials: the outer housing is built from anodized aluminum, while the heating chamber is made of stainless steel.

– Very precise heating system: with the Pax, you have three distinct settings to choose from. Vapor intensity increases as the temperature rises. This is a great advantage of Pax over the Magic Flight Launch Box. The MFLB has only one temp setting which makes it quite useless for stoners who love to experience with various temp settings and prefer not to be limited by one temp setting.

– Auto shut down feature: the Pax by Ploom is equipped with high-end motion sensors that automatically turn the device off once it is idle for more than 5 minutes. This extends the battery life.

Pax Ploom vs MFLB

Here is a comparison between Pax by Ploom and Magic Flight Launch Box:

– Price: while the MFLB can be purchased with as little as $119, the Pax by Ploom comes at a standard price of $250, which is twice as much.

– User rating: amazingly, the MFLB has an overall rating of 4.5 on, while the Pax by Ploom has a rating of only 4.

– Warm up time: the Pax warms in 30 seconds, while the Magic Flight can be used in less than 8 seconds.

– Features: both of these devices are portable, silent, use conduction heating and work on rechargeable batteries.

– Heating temp: the max temp is the same for both devices (410 F), but the minimum is 370 F for the Pax and 329 F for the MFLB.

– Colors: while the MFLB is available only in wood patterns, the Pax comes in black, purple and blue.

The Bottom Line

Pax by Ploom and Magic Flight Launch Box are two amazing portable vaporizers that have broken new ground in this niche. When it comes to efficiency, portability and perfect merging of artistry and design, these two devices are definitely unique. Try both of them and see for yourself which one is better.