Quick Draw 500 Review

quickdraw 500

After using for several months the well-famed Quick Draw 300, I was given the opportunity to try the innovative Quick Draw 500. Of course I accepted the challenge. Given the positive experience I’ve already had with the original Quick Draw vape, I was sure I would not be disappointed by the new model. I wasn’t mistaken.

The 500 model blew me off my feet and has proven me once again that high-quality companies will always design better products and will always strive for the better. They will also exceed their customers’ expectations by offering top-notch updated versions of their previous products.

Unbiased Quick Draw 500 Review

If you are looking for an unbiased Quick Draw 500 review from a real user of this product, you have landed on the right page. There are many Quickdraw reviews out there that would only point out the pros or the cons of this vaporizing device. However, you need to be able to see the whole picture in order to decide if this vape is the right choice for you.

The Quick Draw 500, also known as 500 Deluxe or DLX edition, is a heavy hitter portable vape that works exceptionally well with oils, concentrates, dry herbs and various other juices. This vape is perfect to use while on the go, but it is a very good option for in-house use. I have only used this vaporizer with dry herbs, so I can’t necessarily say for sure how it works when vaping oils, concentrates or wax. However, it works perfectly for dry herbs.

What Actually is Quick Draw 500?

This modern vaporizer is a very good alternative to most other portable vaporizers out there, being a true portable and flexible device. After trying this device, I can state that it might perform better than even Pax and Pax 2, which are considered by the vast majority of herb users the top portable vaporizers available on the market.

Quick Draw 500, as its name states, enables you to take quick draws. This unit is not bulky at all, but extremely small and quite concealable. Due to its 3-in-1 flexibility, you get to use concentrate, juice and dry herbs with the same unit. All you need to do is to select the proper head. Of course, when you buy the device, it comes with 3 different head types: one for herbs and other two for juice and concentrates. Only two other portable vaporizers offer this feature, and they are not that famous as Quick Draw 500. They are Haze and Pro Series.

Boasting cutting-edge design, large capacity and unmatched performance, Quick Draw 500 is made of three different material types to ensure a flawless vaping experience and an extremely rich vapor. This device has a magnetic, non-threaded cartridge that enables you to effortlessly switch between liquid, dry blends and solid extract. This device has specially been designed to recognize what you are vaping extremely quick and to rapidly heat to the required temperature in a matter of seconds. Thus, overheating is prevented and you get to enjoy rich vapor of the purest quality available every single time you use the device.

The Company Behind Quick Draw 500

Based in the United States, the company that has designed the Quick Draw 300 and then the 500 Deluxe vaporizers has many years of experience in the electronic niche, offering exquisite products at very affordable prices. They have entered the vaporizer market only for a couple of years, but now they definitely have a strong say in this niche. Their top portable vaporizers can match and even beat the best portable vaporizers on the market, such as Pax, DaVinci Ascent, Arizer Solo, and the list goes on.

What’s in the Box?

Once you order this vaporizer, you might be surprised to find out that it contains so few items, quick drawyet all of them are so effective. Here is what the package contains:

– 500-D cartridge for blends

– X cartridge for concentrates

– L cartridge for liquids

– The vaporizer

– Wall adapter & USB charger

– Cleaning tools

– Instructions manual


This luxurious and elegant portable vaporizer has a very appealing design. As a matter of fact, all of its components scream the words “beauty” and “appealing”. When the LED light turns on and glows green, this device resembles a piece of high-tech from outer space. This pen-shaped vaporizer is amazingly beautiful and has 10 starts out of 10 for design.

Ease of Use

Using the Quick Draw vaporizer is as easy as pie. To load it, simply remove the mouthpiece and place your material in the chamber. You can then add the right mouthpiece that complements the fine ground herbs, liquids or blends you want to vape. Next on, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds and the heating process begins. Once it heats in around 30 seconds, you will notice the LED light at the bottom glowing green. Hold the power button for another three seconds and enjoy the clean and rich vapor.


When it comes to the unique interface used, the guys from Quick Draw have designed a device quite similar to Apple’s iPods. The Quick Draw 500 has only one single button that turns on and off the device. Moreover, it can be used to cycle through the heating temperatures available (3 in number). You can only select the temperature when you use the herbal cartridge.

The clean and sleek interface makes this device the best choice for herb users who love to enjoy the thrill of vaping while on the go but are not willing to spend a lot of time preparing for the draw. In other words, this vaporizer is one of the simplest to use available on the market, and we all know how much people prefer simplicity over complex and hard to use devices. This is also one of the reasons why I chose Quick Draw 500 over other similar vaporizers.


Having only one button can definitely make things a lot easier when choosing this vaporizer. However, a great thing of the Quick Draw 500 is its improved performance over its previous version, the Quick Draw 300 vaporizer.

Quick Draw 300 vs 500 – Breakdown

Compared to its previous version, the 500 DLX has many more features and improvements. For starters, the oven size is considerably bigger. With the 300, I really hated the packing experience, especially as it took a lot of time, and then the end result would not be longer than a few minutes. Conversely, with the 500 I can easily pack as much material as I want and then take 15 good draws. The heating chamber of the 500 is also much better, as it heats up twice as fast as the chamber of the 300 model.

Another thing that has really impressed me about the 500 was the vapor quality and flavor. Even though the mouthpiece of this device is made of plastic, the quality of the vapor is not dramatically affected. Of course, vaping for a couple of sessions will definitely leave that particular bad taste in your mouth, which unfortunately is common to all vaporizers.

When it comes to battery life, the quick draw vape pen 500 DLX really shines. I once managed to go several sessions with a single charge. I think I’ve used this device for up to 1 hour all through the day. On the other hand, the previous version would not last more than half a day, with a total of 30 minutes of drawing.

The final major difference between the Quick Draw 500 and 300 is that the original version was good only as a portable vaporizer, while the 500 DLX is also perfect for at-home use.

Quick Draw 500 vs Pax 2

When compared to the Pax 2, the 500 model from Quick Draw is quite similar, both in design and features. However, the Quickdraw’s oven is larger, enabling you to pack more material and enjoy longer sessions.

Quick Draw 500 vs Crafty

Crafty delivers incredible vapor and has the best efficiency on the market, at a very low price tag. However, Quick Draw 500 is exceedingly beautiful and appealing compared to the Crafty, and it’s also much more sleek and easy to carry around, not to mention conceivable.

Things I Love About Quick Draw 500

– Quite flexible: you can use all substances with this unit, and you can easily switch between vaporization method by changing the top/mouthpiece.

– Three separate ovens: each one of the three substances has its own oven. This lets you enjoy a much better taste for each one, rather than mixing the tastes in the same oven.

– Concealable: you can carry this unit with you without anyone else to notice it.

– Big draws: with the Quick Draw 500 you can enjoy big draws and a good amount of vapor.

Things I didn’t Like About this Vaporizer

– Maintenance: you might need to perform daily maintenance in order to make the most out of Quick Draw 500. The airhole needs to be kept clear and the resin cleaned thoroughly.

 Final Verdict

When all is said and done, the Quick Draw 500 stands out in the crowd as one of the best portable vaporizers available on the market. I bought this vape from this link and I got several bonuses and a great warranty. I advise you to do that same and capitalize on all the benefits and features offered by this extraordinary device.