The Herbalizer – Is It Really the Volcano Killer?

herbalizer SmokeDoc Rating: 5.0 out of 5

The Herbalizer is finally here!  Made in the USA by a San Diego-based company, the Herbalizer vaporizer (also known as the herbie) is an outstanding vaper with huge features. This vaping device can be either used with a balloon, whip (with optional assisted delivery in case breathing on your own is too much work), or can also be used in the freestyle mode where you can hotbox your room. The herbalizer is a very promising device, not only due to its extremely powerful features, but also due to its manufacturing process.  This vape concentrates waxes, oils, and herbs!

If you are looking for a genuine herbalizer review, you have landed on the right site. We will present you the whole story behind this device, showcasing its features and benefits. Moreover, we will present a comparison between the Herbalizer and the Volcano. Read on to discover more interesting facts about herbie.

The Herbalizer – How did it all Started? 

This device was designed by a couple of former NASA engineers. They have spent more than 3 years and over $1 million in development. However, it was all worth it! These clever and creative engineers have managed to take vaporization to a whole new level. Stoners can now control the intensity of their experience using precise tools. This clean halogen technology complemented by luxury, sleek aesthetics, greatly enhance your vaporizing experience.

Born in San Diego and made using tools and parts made only in the USA, the Herbalizer has been designed to be unlike any other similar product on the market. In fact, there is no other product on the market that can rise up to what Herbie has to offer. This device has been specially designed to dramatically improve and simplify the perception people have about vaporization.

Being introduced only a few months ago at the end of 2013, the reviews and feedback have exceeded all expectations. Almost all customers were more than satisfied with this device. The creators of the Herbalizer, Josh and Bob Pratt, have over 25 years of experience in aerospace engineering, engineering science and micro electro-mechanical systems. Their “child” called the Herbalizer is definitely one of a kind, a product that will certainly break new ground in the vaporizer niche.

Features and Specs 

– Hidden Mezzanine Storage which is built into the lid: allows you to store your oils, herbs and waxes in the safe compartment. volcano killer

– 3 Vaping Options – balloon, whip, and freestyle.

– Aromatherapy: you can vape using the aromatherapy mode. Rejuvenate & relax in this classic aromatherapy mode.

– Vaportherapy: use this mode to vape at precise temperatures, instantly. The experience can be greatly customized according to your own tastes.

– Silver Platter Case: the carrying case features a handle and has two extra form fitting foam panels which can be easily removed and reused.

– Instantaneously Heating: this feature is truly a quantum leap in technology. This device can reach 400 Fahrenheit in less than 15 seconds.

– LCD Auto-Dimming: a perfect feature, especially as it dims the screen based on room brightness. This feature is stronger and more visible than for any smartphone or tablet available on the market. Maybe Samsung or Apple should try to imitate this feature of the Herbalizer.

– Auto-off Feature: if this device is knocked over, it will automatically shut down. This feature is powered by the 3-axis accelerometer, a concept used in satellite control in the aeronautical industry.

– Extremely Silent: even if Herbie has three powerful fans to cool it down and enhance its performance, the device is nearly silent.

– Magnetic Bowl Attachment: if you love playing with magnets, you can do that 24/7 with the Herbalizer. This fun feature is specially designed for stoners who enjoy acting like children from time to time.

– Auto on/off: the on and off feature is synced with lid opening/closing. This is another fun feature.

– Purity & Safety: this device is built from medical-grade materials and automated safety features, so the risk of endangering yourself is somewhere below 0.1%.

– Processor: 16 bit 32 Mhz.

– Display: 1.8” color.

– Memory: 256 kb.

– Aromatherapy: 1 minute – 1 hour.

– Weight: 1.1 kg (2.4 lbs).

– Dimensions: 8.5” x 6.7” x 3.5”.

– 2-year limited warranty and 5-year quality warranty.

– Configurable Display F or C.


– Magnetic bowl.

– 3 feet silicone whip.

– 4 balloons.

– Herb grinder card.

– Stash box

– Quick start guide.

– Two aromapads.

– Two spare bowl screens.

– 2 ml essential oil.

– Power cord.

– Cleaning brush.

– Herbal blend for vapor therapy.

Why Should you Buy the Herbalizer? 

As you can notice, this product has by far the most features, specs and accessories of all the vaporizers. Being consistent, precise and instant, the herbalizer vape is undoubtedly one of the best vaping devices ever created. Many people think that this device has been brought to Earth by aliens, but we know that a couple of engineers with IQs of over 150 have designed the Herbalizer. And because of its perfect temperature precision, the efficiency is 2-3x that of any other vape. And yes, even a spread of wax can produce many, many balloons of vapor.

This vape is specially designed for both amateurs and professional vape users. Its features enhance the vaping process, making it as easy as pie. Known for its precision, speed, accuracy and perfect calibration, the Herbalizer outperforms any other similar vapers, including the well-famed Volcano. In fact, the Herbalizer is considered the winner in a herbalizer vs volcano competition. Many people have decided to name it the “Volcano Killer”.

What is really amazing about the Volcano Killer, in addition to the other tens of features and benefits, is the vapor quality it provides. The vaping experience can be extremely personalized, according to each customer’s unique tastes and preferences. Due to its in-air temperature sensor, the set-point is perfectly maintained for a longer period of time, regardless of how fast the air is drawn. Due to its instant heat feature – it gets to 455 degrees in 15 seconds – you will get to enjoy the same vapor quality every single time.

Where to Buy  

Probably the only drawback of this vaping device is its price. You might have to pay up to three times more when you want to buy the Herbalizer compared to what you have to pay for other vaporizers. However, with the Herbalizer-you are buying an extremely high quality vape.  Also you receive a two year Warranty and 5 year Quality Guarantee on this product made in the USA.  Trust me, with these type of guarantees, it will last a long, long time.  Click this link here  to visit the official website to buy the original Herbalizer: limited edition and enjoy extra warranty and additional benefits.

Do not forget – the Herbalizer represents the future of vaporizers. In addition to improving the original design promoted by the Volcano, the former is much more discreet, powerful and reliable The Herbalizer has definitely raised the bar and set a new standard.

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