Vape in Style with Alfa Vaporizer

Alfa VaporizerIt is somewhat difficult to find the exact thing you are looking for in the current dynamic market. There are more fakes and convincing counterfeits that may sway you into believing that whatever you are purchasing is authentic and the right thing for you.

We understand how disheartening it can be for you to invest in a vaporizer, only later to discover that it isn’t what you intended to purchase. When investing in a vaporizer, every buyer’s wish is that the gadget they are investing in should not only be efficient in providing them with a fine vapor of whatever herb they are trying to vaporize, but also be long lasting and resilient enough to withstand the test of time. For this reason, we will be providing you with information on a rather glossy yet efficient vaporizer, commonly known as Alfa Vaporizer.

In summary, we will be providing you with important information about Alfa vaporizer; basically everything you want to know about vaporizers.

What is a vaporizer?

Using simplest words possible, a vaporizer can be described as a machine designed to vaporize herbal substances producing a vapor which is to be inhaled. Vaporizing in this context means; heating without burning the bud and passing air through it to haul out the desired content in form of vapor. As such, Alfa vaporizer; otherwise referred to as Alfa by GOBOOF, is a vaporizer that is designed in the United Kingdom and assembled in Ireland. So far, Alfa vaporizer is the only European made portable vaporizer that is easy to use and efficient in all manners.

What’s in the Box?

Alfa vaporizer comes in a small brown cardboard like box, and here is what is in the box:vape

· Alfa portable vaporizer,

· Legible Instruction manual,

· Cleaning kit,

· A USB AC charger,

· Cleaning picks, and

· Additional extra rubber mouthpiece.

What makes Goboof Alfa Vaporizer Stand out from the rest?

Unlike other portable vaporizers currently available in the market, Alfa is a product in its own league. It flares with features that can be described using the word sophisticated. To mention but a few, here is what you get to enjoy with Alfa:

· Appearance – This portable vaporizer comes in a lusterless black aluminum finish, which in subtleness gives it this very discreet and rather well built look. Its top is festooned with round dial that serves as controls to the heat settings. In addition to obvious low, medium and high settings, there are other buttons; Goboof refers to as “Smart Puff Technology” which features two functions; A/T mode and A/P meant to increase the temperature after every 3 minutes until it hits maximum settings and to increase the temperature whenever a puff is made, respectively. In other words, Alfa’s design is one that can be described as attractively slick yet inconspicuous.

· Performance – Based on users’ comments and reviews, Alfa performs quite well. According to many, the medium setting satisfies their need and provides them with enough vapor with just a short puff. To produce a good draw amount of somewhat milky vapor from your herb, all you need is about 3 to 4 seconds. Its oven chamber is large enough and can hold up to .03 of dry herbs making it rather efficient and time saving. Given that its settings dials are placed on top, it makes its access strenuous free and thus provides you with an easy access to its entire control buttons. With the medium button, you are guaranteed of a great balance of both taste and quality of the vapor. However, if you are the kind of person who cares much about taste, then the low setting of 190 C/374 is your guy, otherwise, high setting is for herbs that contain high concentrations of oils and other mild contents.

· Smart Puff Technology – When A/P mode is activated, the vaporizer begins to heat up dry herb until it reaches 390 degrees Fahrenheit. A puff further actuates it to heat veraciously until the maximum temperature of 428 degrees Fahrenheit is achieved. On the other hand, the A/T mode sets the vaporizer to start at a low setting but will keep on adjusting to higher settings after every 3 minutes, until the maximum reading is recorded.

· Battery Life – Alfa’s battery life is above average. On the low setting, it can serve you for about 2 hours, and anything between 60-90 minutes on its medium settings. What’s even interesting with this herb vaporizer is that you can vaporize your favorite herb while at the same time charging it.

· Cleaning and Maintenance – unlike other vaporizers, Alfa vaporizer by Goboof is positively easy to clean as well as to maintain. Cleaning this best vaporizer only requires you to remove the mouthpiece and using a moistened pipe cleaner, rub its inside. Furthermore, this vaporizer comes with a few accessories such as pipe cleaners, cleaning sticks and three oven screens that make the entire cleaning process utterly interesting.

What to know when Using Alfa vaporizer

Just like with any other vaporizer, the kind of result you get with Alfa vaporizer is depended on the type of material you use. In addition, the condition of the material you use greatly determines how your machine will perform. Generally, just like most vaporizers, Alfa vaporizers perform best when the herb you put in them is dry and expertly finely ground up. Wet herbs inconveniently hinder vapor production and make it even more difficult to enjoy the experience. On the other hand finely ground material provides a large surface area to volume ratio enhancing fine production of vapor from whatever herb is being vaporized.


Forget about the Alfa vaporizer vs. pax reviews you’ve read online. From this Alfa vaporizer review, you can actually deduce that, Alfa vaporizer by Goboof is definitely a worth machine worthy of your time and dime. We are not disputing the fact that China also produces fine vaporizers, they actually do, and have a number of them in the market; including pax. However, pax is not an equivalent of Alfa vaporizer. Alfa vaporizer outshines pax in all ways; its performance, its design, functionality and even when it comes to aspects regarding to durability. As such, if you are interested in a vaporizer that guarantees results, is easy to use and priceless to maintain, Alfa vaporizer is definitely your machine. Good news is that, thanks to technology, you can actually order your vape online by clicking here to take advantage of the discounted deals and free shipping and warranty.