Vapir no2 Portable Vaporizer – Cut the Cords and Get Portable

vapir No2

If you are looking for a genuine and trustworthy Vapir no2 review, you have come to the right place. The vapir no2 portable vaporizer is one of the earliest portable vaporizers to hit the market and according to many connoisseurs, one of the most useful so far.

Vapir, the California-based manufacturer founded in 1997, has breathed life back into the portable vaporizers niche with the launch of vapir n02. Its previous launches, the Vapir One and Oxygen Mini, were disappointing from certain points of view for some customers whose expectations were not met by the company. However, the vapir no2 vaporizer has amazing reviews all across the web and is considered a success by both the company and its critics.

Vapir no2 portable vaporizer is like most other vaporizers out there but has a key difference – it is powered by a rechargeable battery. This means you can bring it anywhere and carry it around the house. This is quite a neat trick. Most vaporizers available on the market have to be kept plugged in order to work. For example, a monster device such as the Volcano cannot be carried around and will certainly never go wireless. On the contrary, a small and light device such as the Vapir no2 can easily go wireless.

How Does it Work? 

This vaping device can be used hassle-free by anyone, regardless of experience or skill. Loading it is remarkably easy. Simply twist off the top in order to reveal the heating chamber. Next, take the scoop provided and fill it two thirds full. After that, screw the top back on and you are good to go. You can’t but notice how useful the scoop is and you might wonder as I’ve also wondered why so few companies provide scoops like this one.

vapirCharging is not such a complicated task. The device comes with a small battery pack that is inserted into the bottom of the vape. The batteries can be charged separately. The great advantage is that you can still use the device while the batteries recharge. Just buy an extra set of batteries and use them while the others charge. You can find extra sets of batteries at this link here.

Using this Vapir vaporizer is also very simple. Press the button on the front to turn on the heating element and the switch on the side to activate the digital readout. Set the desired temperature and wait for the unit to reach it in no time at all. You can now start vaporizing using the medical grade tubing and mouthpiece.

Design and Features 

The n02 vaporizer is probably the only portable vaporizer on the market that has a digital temperature display. This unique feature makes it extremely powerful and versatile in terms of usage, as you can set the temperature according to your own tastes.

The maximum temperature this device can reach is 205 degrees Celsius. If you use various herbs, you might want to experiment with several temp settings.

This vaporizer has a sleek design and is extremely lightweight. You can store it in its initial case or buy a custom-made leather carry case. Even if the Vapir no2 portable vaporizer is manufactured in China, the parts used are of average quality and will last pretty long.

The botanical chamber is made of quality stainless steel, while the heating element is pure brass. The no2 vaporizer is pretty robust and can take physical abuse well enough. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can smash the device to the ground just to test its resistance.

With one charge of this bad boy, you can use it continuously for one-two hours. Depending on how much you vape, this means about 5-6 uses. A great feature that helps save battery life is the auto-shutdown feature after 20 minutes of idle time. Make the most out of it and don’t worry to let in on if you have the charger with you.

The package contains: 

– 1 Rechargeable Li-on battery.vape

– 4 Replacement Screens.

– 1 Mouthpiece and 1 Tube attachment.

– The wall charger.

– 1 Herbal scooper.

– 2 Stirring sticks.

– Cleaning brush

– Instruction manual


The Vapir no2 portable vaporizer comes with a series of benefits that make it stand out of the crowd. The most important benefits are outlined below:

– Ease of Use

This device can be used by anyone. You don’t need certain skills in order to make the most out vapir no2. All you need is to read the instructions and follow them to the T.

– Easy to Maintain

Taking care of it is also as easy as pie. The cleaning brush included in the package is more than enough to keep your device free of debris. Basically, the only extra maintenance thing you will need to do is to change the screens occasionally and replace the tubing from time to time.

– Discreet

The no2 does a decent job due to the low amount of odor development and minimal design. portable vapeWith this vaporizer, you will certainly not draw too much attention to yourself.

– Portable

This is a huge advantage, especially for people who love to vape while in the go or simply enjoy carrying their vaping device with them.

– One Year Warranty

You have the insurance that no matter what, your investment is safe and your Vapir no2 portable vaporizer will be replaced or repaired for free at an authorized service center.

– Heavy and Durable Feel

Many people who have reviewed this vape have outlined this benefit. The device fels good in the hand and can be carried around with a tight grip.

– Fast Heating

The vapir no2 portable vaporizer is by far the fastest vaporizers on the market when it comes to the heating time. The max temp can be reached in less than 3.5 minutes. This means you can enjoy the fresh and flavory vapor whenever you want.

Buying Advice 

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