The Summit Portable Vaporizer by Vapium Review

vapium_summitThe Summit portable vaporizer by Vapium is a brand new vaporizing device that has brought many unique features to the table. As we approach the end of 2015, it is obviously clear that the vaporizer industry has grown and matured a lot lately. Only this year, several powerful portable vaporizers have already been released on the market. 2015 has seen the release of numerous stellar vaporizers, including Pax 2, Crafty, Firefly, Grasshopper, V2 Pro Series 3, Haze “DualBowl” and the Vapium Summit.

Out of all these gorgeous portable vaporizers, the Summit stands out in its niche due to its extraordinary features and capability to do an accurate and fantastic job of vaporizing your favorite herbs. As the name suggests, Vapium Summit is a vaporizer specially designed for those who love spending time outdoors and need a powerful portable vaporizer that lasts long enough for them to make the most out of the time spend in the nature.

The Summit by Vapium – Perfectly Blends with the Nature

As you can notice in the above image, the Summit comes with a unique shape and size that make it blend perfectly into the natural landscape around you. Even though it might resemble a whistle used on a soccer field, this device is much more than that. Its design is super-mindful, making it extremely reliable in every situation. For instance, if you have gloves on while riding your MTB and you want to have an unforgettable vaporizing experience, the Summit offers a large power button together with a rubberized grip in order to give you the peace of mind that you won’t accidentally drop it while vaping. This device also comes equipped with a lanyard that can be used to attach it to your backpack.

summit partsThis device is designed to work in extreme heat or cold conditions, so you can take it with you on your trip to Sahara this autumn or your holiday in Siberia next year. The casing of the Summit is designed from a tough polycarbonate that withstands bumps, high temperature, low temperature and erosion. You can easily clean this device by removing each part. You can then put it back together in less than 30 seconds. All the materials used to build the Summit are medical grade and food-safe. However, probably the only drawback of this vape is that it is by far elegant or luxurious. On the other hand, it is pretty rough and feels very well made.

The “rugged” feel of the Summit makes it perfect for outdoor use and activities, such as hiking, biking, skying, rock climbing, horse-riding, jogging and even parties. By the way, did you know that the average skier spends more than 30% of his time on a chairlift? This is definitely the best time to vape and enjoy all the features and benefits of the Summit.

Vapor Quality

In terms of vapor quality, the Summit by Vapium exceeds all expectations. The vapor production is fantastic, even when you take just one short pull. Even though it is a conduction vape, which makes it typically hard to pull from, the Summit it’s quite free-flowing. With this vape you get a good amount of vapor, which feels pretty smooth and tastes extremely good.

You get to choose from 8 temp settings, but from what users are saying, the middle heat level, which is 5, offers you the most satisfactory experience. The good news is that each of these 8 temp settings give you access to many different blends and tastes. This broad range of temp settings lets you choose your favorite blend with maximum efficiency.

The Summit heats up in more than 45 seconds, which is a bit of disadvantage when compared to other portable vaporizers. However, once it heats up, you can enjoy anywhere from 15 to 20 good draws. That is quite efficient, knowing that you only need to pack around 0.3 grams of material in the chamber. The draw rate together with temp adjustment are both quite flexible, enabling you to personalize your vaporizing experience according to your own tastes.

Pro Tip: in order to make the most out of this vaporizer, grind up the herbs very fine. Moreover, pack the chamber tight. You will save both material and enjoy a better vapor quality by doing these two pro steps.

Battery Power

The Summit is powered by a high-quality internal Li-Ion battery which is charged through a micro-USB adapter. You can buy a charger at less than $20. Buy multiple chargers to have one with you at home, at work and another one in your backpack when you go hiking or biking.

It takes less than one hour to fully charge the device, and then you can use it for another hour until it dies. These numbers are quite similar to what Pax can provide, and fans love it.


The only areas that are of concern for you when it comes to maintaining the Summit are the rubber grip and the herb chamber. The chamber needs to be cleaned every few days, and the grip tends to attract dust and dirt on a regular basis. Both can be cleaned using rubbing alcohol. Additionally, if you love vaping daily, you might also want to clean the mouthpiece area regularly.

Once you open the box you find a cleaning kit that contains pipe cleaners, a brush, a few alcohol wipes and an extra chamber screen. All of these will suffice for the first 4-5 cleanings. You might need to buy an additional pipe cleaner and a new brush for extensive brush, together with many more alcohol wipes.

Additional Information

The Summit comes with a 90-seconds auto shut-down feature which is extremely practical and helps you get the peace of mind that the battery won’t run low if you forget to vape for more than a couple of minutes. Once it shuts down, all you have to do is to press the button and the vaping process resumes.

The device vibrates when you turn it on and when the desired temperature is reached. This feature is also becoming extremely common, just like the auto shut down, because of its practicality.

Another thing you need to keep in mind when talking about the Summit is the herb chamber, which can sometimes get a little too messy. Sometimes it is inevitable that some particles of material get stuck into the small creases around the edges. When this happens, do not forget to use the brush to brush around the edges.

Some users noted another drawback of the summit – the LED light is too bright. However, if you find yourself lost in the woods or you need an extra flashlight when exploring a new cave, you’re covered.

Summit Vaporizer Review – Features and Benefits

– Rugged: this device is quite rugged. Its ergonomic, textured-grip makes for a reliable and high-end built device. Its magnetic lid ensures perfect encasing. Summit is very easy to maintain and is built using medical graded materials that last long in time. This device has redefined the industry standards that perform wherever your trails leads, and even beyond.

– Refined: you can use this modern vaporizer while charging. It comes equipped with 8 temp settings, each of them being displayed by a unique LED color. The vibration feedback is another feature that make it extremely refined and ultra stealth.

– Reliable: Summit is equipped with the automatic shut down feature, which lets you save a great deal of battery. This device has been tested on extreme cold conditions, and also works perfectly at over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The Li-Ion battery lets you enjoy over one hour of continuous drawing.

Summit Vaporizer vs Pax

So far the Pax was considered the best portable vaporizer on the market. However, the Summit by Vapium is slowly catching up. Both Pax 1 and Pax 2 look great, are extremely sleek and provide good vapor. However, they have only a few temp settings. On the other hand, Summit offers 8 temp settings, which gives you more room for personalization.

While Pax is more sleek and can be used while hanging out with your friends, the Summit comes with a more rugged aspect, similar to a Swiss army knife. However, the biggest difference between Summit and the Pax is that the former has only one year warranty, while the latter comes with 10 years.

Alfa vs Summit – A Close Fight

Both Summit by Vapium and Alfa by Goboof are top picks for portable vaporizers. The Alfa is slightly bigger than the Summit and looks like a mobile phone. Definitely not a device you want to take with you on a hiking trip. The battery recharge time is quite long for Alfa – 4 hours to juice up. Moreover, it needs up to 3 minutes to reach the desired temperature. However, the vapor quality offered by Alfa is outstanding.

Summit Vaporizer for Sale – Where to Buy it

The Summit vaporizer is definitely one-of-a-kind. This vaporizer can easily compete with the Pax, Crafty, Firefly, Grasshopper, Alfa and other top-notch portable vaporizers that dominate the market in 2015. If you want to get your hands on this Swiss knife-like vaporizer, click here, choose your favorite color, add extra features and enjoy free shipping + a free gift.