Is the Volcano Vaporizer Really The Bentley of Vaporizers?

VOLCANO Vaporizer

As a long term smoker, the effects of lung infection and cancer suddenly hit me with a jolt leading to my quest in finding a healthier alternative without completely letting go of what I enjoy the most. Luckily, I came across this vaporizing machine that guarantees the same enjoyment as smoking yet at a much healthier level—the Volcano Vaporizer. Built with refined design and user-friendly features to aid this sudden shift of my habit, this device made my journey to the world of vaping a truly memorable one. For all reluctant vapor users out there, here’s an impartial Volcano Vaporizer review to give you an idea why life has never been better to me nowadays.

What’s A Volcano Vaporizer? 

Before we dig deeper into its astounding features, advantages, and drawbacks, a newbie like you might have no idea on what a vaporizer is. Definitely, this is no Vicks or what-brand-have-you out there to clear out dried out residues on your nostrils or to clear those sinuses. Vaporizers, per se, are machines that produce vapors which can be used for smoking, cooking and aromatherapy. One of the finest products in the market today is the German-engineered Volcano Vape from manufacturing powerhouse Storz&Bickel. This tabletop vaporizer guarantees three things: quality effect, pure results and sensational flavor. With its easy-to-use forced-air operation, production of exceptional-tasting vapor can be achieved in the least time possible anytime, anywhere you want.

Basic Features of a Volcano Vaporizer

So, what’s in it for you? The Volcano Vaporizer’s packaging is quite impressive. Think about high grade materials and top of the line craftsmanship. From its filling chamber, base heating unit, and mouthpiece perfectly, these parts and pieces are perfectly molded into fittings designed to deliver quality vapor. Here’s a breakdown:

* Base Heating Unit. Designed with an easy-to-use dial temperature control (for analog) or with highlighted temperature display (for digital), the base heating unit ensures consistency in maintaining temperature to heat the element within the chamber. It heats the herb in the filling chamber quickly.

* Filling Chamber. The Volcano can hold at most 5grams of finely ground herbs. To achieve denser vapor, make sure to ground the herbs thoroughly into the chamber. The finer the substance always guarantee more surface area for the heated air to pass through thereby delivering denser vapor into the balloon.

* Mouthpiece and Vape Balloon. The Volcano Vaporizer, whether digital or analog, has a snap-on finger-grip construction mechanism for its mouthpiece. Most importantly, this mouthpiece is attached to an easy-to-manage balloon. This particular Volcano Vape balloon has a unique pressure-release mechanism that allows it to snap into an upright position when filled. This means, no need for extra attention like holding the balloon while “heating”. All you need to do is snap it in place on the mouthpiece and let the vapor flow. Here is the clincher though – a Volcano Classic Vaporizer does not automatically turn off. Unlike the Volcano Digital Vape, the analog variety requires that you press the finger clasp to release the balloon from the mouthpiece.

The Volcano Vape Models

You can check out the Volcano Vaporizer model here for more details and pricing. You might be wondering what’s on that drop-down menu. The Volcano, by the way, comes in two (2) model types – classic volcano vaporizer and digital volcano vaporizer.

For tech-savvy individuals like me, who wanted everything automated and hassle-free, the Volcano Digital Vaporizer comes handy. This one features easy-to-view highlighted temperature display and push-button mechanism for effortless viewing and control of temperature. Its automatic shut-off timer automatically turns off the vaporizer after half an hour of non-usage. This helps to preserve the heating mechanism and quality of the organic element being heated. This also aids in conserving energy utilization.

The Volcano Classic Vaporizer, on the other hand, does not lag too far behind its digital twin. Though it has no automated shut-off timer and uses a round dial to control heat or temperature rate, this analog volcano vape is obviously a more practical choice especially when you don’t want to break your piggybank.

The Balloons

Aside from its two model types, the Volcano Vaporizer also carries two types of valves/balloons – the Solid Valve and the Easy-Valve systems. If you want to customize your balloon size, the solid valve system is the way to go. You can cut the balloon material according to your specifications. Replenishment of 10-foot roll can also be bought here.

The easy valve type, on the other hand, comes pre-sized in either 2 or 3 feet. Simply take it out of the package, snap it on, and voila! No cutting necessary. When all balloons are used up, simply buy a 6-pack set. Both balloons are see-through in design allowing you to have a clear view of the vapor results. Either type can work well with any of the two vape models. Attaching these to the base unit is quite a breeze.

How Does a Volcano Vape Works? vaporizer

With the many vaporizers out there, what truly makes the Volcano unique? The innovative design of Volcano Vaporizers make use of a unique vacuum system allowing freshly filtered and heater air to be pumped thereby releasing vapors. Heated air virtually passes to your finely ground organic elements which then, filled your balloon with vapor through forced-air method. Once filled, you can easily detach the balloon and inhale the vapor inside. Take note that this is no longer “smoke” you are inhaling. It is “non-carcinogenic”, more concentrated vapor that swiftly cools down to room temperature level. Definitely, this means zero coughing sensation.


Advantages of Using the Volcano Vaporizer

Here are some of the perks to enjoy when you shift to Volcano vaping:

1. Quality Vapor. The smokeless approach of vaping guarantees excellent results. Harmful tars and carcinogens, commonly associated with smoking, are thereby eliminated.

2. Least Costly Habit. Smoking is a health risk, and an expensive vice at that. Volcano Vaporizers, on the other hand, help lower costs as organic material used are burnt slower giving you more vapor to enjoy.

3. Distinctive Taste. For a “picky” smoker/vaper like me, the taste derived from a Volcano Vape is definitely a much-welcomed change. With a controllable temperature mechanism, you can ensure potency of vapor results to suit your taste. It also leaves a distinctive aroma for your nostrils to enjoy.

4. Portable and Snap-On Comfort. Compact in size, the Volcano is quite easy to install, dismantle, and store. Its vaping balloon is also easy to detach and has an air-tight snap-on lid that allows you to carry it wherever you want without losing the vapor within.

5. Ease of Use. From installation to actual vaporizing, the Volcano continually earns the highest ratings in ease of use. With minimal effort, you can easily fill a balloon with denser vapor for your enjoyment. This balloon also allows storage for at most 8 hours.

6. Low Maintenance. The Volcano is one easy device to clean and maintain. All you need to do is wipe off the chamber of elements left behind.

7. Automatic Shut-Off Timer. Exclusively for a digital volcano, this automated feature guarantees consistency in vapor as well as savings on electricity usage.

Some Drawbacks 

Like everything else, the volcano vaporizer price is always a factor to take into consideration. Not anyone can easily shell out hundreds of dollars for a vaping device. However, if you take the mentioned advantages into consideration, the price factor is virtually outweighed by its advantages. When you buy a Volcano vape, you are actually in for the long haul. Think about smoke-free enjoyment and a healthier body. Your initial investment may be high but long term effects will definitely be greater.

Where to Buy

Indeed, the volcano vaporizer is one amazing device to invest upon if you want to shift into a much healthier and hassle-free lifestyle. Whether digital volcano or volcano classic vaporizer, you can guarantee enjoying astoundingly clean sensation preserving the quality of your chosen herb. If you are on the market for a Volcano Vaporizer for sale, you can buy either analog or digital here).  They offer a 3-year warranty!

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I’m interested in hearing everyone’s thoughts about the Volcano!  Do YOU think it’s the best?